Event Organization Process

Logistics, Planning Promotional Material and more


As the Marketing Coordinator of Ncucasa -The Finishing Touch, existed a 3 months window in order to meet all expectations and made this event a reality. From Concept to completion of all promotional materia, event image, social media email blasts and gifts along with all event organization previous, during and post event.

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IDSWest Show 2013; The pacific platform for all things design. It is a presentation that welcomes designers, artists, makers and design-centric brands who have come together in Vancouver to showcase: current works, concepts and products. More than 35,000 visitors per year and counting.


IDSWest 2013 slideshow presentation designed for the event, images in loop showing the new Engineered hardwood floor collection FUSE


From left to Right, image of the event presented to all Nucasa Customers, Engineered Hardwood flooring sample of the new collection called FUSE, Flyt and Play, Bigger gift sample box (This box contained 20 samples plus catalogue). Location Vancouver, B.C.


IDSWest collateral material. Location: Vancouver, B.C.



IDSWest image for Event, Format:Invitation. Location Vancouver, B.C.

Nucasa -The Finishing Touch Stand for IDSWest 2013


Congreso Venezolano de Coloprocotologia; Coloproctology Congress image, poster, social media campaign, flyer Certificate and stationary. Location: Caracas, Venezuela


The Adventure of illustrating plytocrene macrophylla in Bogor Poster for "9th International Flora Malesyana Symposium", Location: Malaysia

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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"~Leonardo Da Vinci